Monday, July 6, 2009

Sang Kee Restaurant 生记酒家

Sang Kee Restaurant 生记酒家

Address :1-G, Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150 Kuala Lumpur. ( Near Confucius Independent High School, quite remote )

Tel :012-3905549 / 017-2159856

Business Hours :(noon)1100 – 1500 (evening)1700 – 2300

I get to know this restaurant through a TV Program ( Taste with Jason 阿贤人情味 ) , otherwise i guess the customers will not notice this restaurant as it is quite remote and quite difficult to notice.

Recommendation #1 : Cantonese Fried Yuin Yong 广府炒鸳鸯

What differs Sang Kee Restaurant's Yuin Yong from others is that, they fried their bee hoon upon order, not pre-fried. This makes the Bee Hoon crispy and delicious.

Recommendation #2 : Tofu Steam Fish 豆腐蒸鱼

Jason recommended this dish, but actually it doesn't attract me. My parents said it's not bad, but honestly , i felt that it's like smash yong tau foo . Haha maybe you guys can try it and tell me how do you feel about it.

Recommendation #3 : Sweet Sour Pork 古佬肉

Sounds common, isn't it? I'll tell you what is special about this dish compared to others. Same as Yuin Yong, the pork also fried upon ordering but not pre-fried. But what i dislike is that, the dish looks a bit red-ish to me. What i meant is that i think they put some artificial colouring into it , but not original tomato ketchup. Anyway, i will give a 4.5Star for this dish!

Another dish we had is Sweet Potato Leaf 番薯苗, overall it's a so-so to me , so nothing special to say about that.

Environment : 2/5 Stars - air ventilation not good, quite stuffy
Service : 3/5 Stars - anyway ,what do you expect in those places?
Price : 3/5 Stars
Food Quality : 4/5 Stars

Have no photos for this post , forgotten =P

Have a nice day people! =D

by -xy-
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chao Yen @ One Utama

Chao Yen is a restaurant which serves authentic "潮州菜"...

"潮州菜" = Teo Chew Cuisine = Chiu Chow Cuisine = Chao Zhou Cuisine

There are many famous dishes for Teo Chew Cuisine, like

~Teo Chew style steamed fish
~ Braised duck or goose
~ Cold Crab
~ Teo Chew style congee (Teo Chew Mue)
~Yam dessert with Gingko Nuts (Ou Ni)

Picture of PenChai (TeoChew Potluck) from their menu
Price: rm188 for small
rm348 for large

Since we'd never tried out TeoChew Potluck before, we gave it a try!!!
The captain suggested us to order the small ones, as it's more than enough for five ladies...

At the back of each chairs, there's a word, "潮"


They took quite some time to cook ours

*****Taa ~ Daa*****


It looked totally different from the menu, isn't it???
Nothing to shout about this potluck...

As you can see from the picture, there are 6 prawns with lots PakChoi (a variety of Chinese Cabbage)
That's the top layer obviously...
The bottom layer is rice noodle, in between these two layers, they serves mushroom, duck meat, meatball, pig's internal parts etc

Five different sauces provided for dipping

For dessert, it is Mashed Yam with Gingko Nuts (Ou Ni)
Rm6 per bowl
No doubt it's great!!!

Restaurant Chao Yen is located at
Lot LG 311A, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Center.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Takoyaki @ One Utama (New Wing)

This Takoyaki shop is located at One Utama , New Wing (Lower Ground) , opposite Cold Storage.

This is the first time we tried this shop , overall it's good and didn't let us down :)

For Takoyaki itself , they have different flavours such as : Baby Octopus (RM4.00), Prawn (4.00) , Sausage and Cheese (RM4.00) , Tako (RM4.50) and Unagi(RM4.50).I'd ask the staff there what's the difference between Baby Octopus and Tako, she said that Tako is the original flavour and Baby Octopus is with some seasoning.

And there's also Okonomiyaki, something similar to Takoyaki but it's in the Pizza shape( RM8.00). There are different flavours too, that are Baby Octopus , Prawn , Sausage and Cheese , Unagi and Seafood. All of them are RM8.00. Seafood Okonomiyaki is the combination of Baby Octopus , Prawn , Sausage and Cheese and Unagi! So it's quite value for money.

If you want to have some drink , there's a variety of taiwan bubble tea also (as shown above). We didn't try out anyone of that but if you guys had try it , do tell me how's it :)


Above is our Seafood Okonomiyaki
Price : 4/5 Value for money!
Environment : 3/5
Service : 3/5
Food quality : 4.5/5

by : -xy-
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Restoran Segambut Yu Ai ( Old Klang Road Branch - near Maybank )

have you guys heard of the Segambut famous seafood noodle? Yes i'm a big fan of it , so when i pass by Old Klang Road ( Entrepreneur's Park ) , i saw their branch there , i decided to give it a try , although i saw no customers and four staffs in the shop.

Okay , I ordered Tomyam , my sis ordered their recommendation - seafood noodle , my dad took curry and my mum ordered the normal "Ching Tong" which somebody identify it as Clear Soup.

The tomyam has no tomyam taste , i guess they don't COOK the tomyam , but they just scoop from the tomyam paste and stir with hot water ( i guess )

Next , the curry , has no curry taste AT ALL! even my mum's curry is better then it! It is SO watery and tasteless , trying to cheat customer's tastebud???

And then i tried my mum's clear soup, it's better then ours , but still a bit dissapointting.

Last , i tried my sis's seafood noodle, expecting it to be good , as it is the most popular dish in the restaurant. BUT what i had is definitely bad, bad and ..... bad! The prawn is SO NOT fresh , and the soup is SO NOT NICE .

So , my advice is , please don't go to this restaurant , but you can go to the Segambut outlet , that's nice :)

Price : 1/5 expensive , not value for money
Food Quality : 1/5 bad
Hygiene : 3/5
Service : 4/5
Environment : 3/5

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by -xy-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pavillion Food Court

wanted to post this long long time ago, but my phone can't upload pictures to computer directly that's why took a bit long :D

went to pavillion food court, the luxuriest food court i've been to.

You should try this Korean Cuisine:

My recommendations : Stone Pot Mixed Rice

so called 石锅饭 , or you can just identify it as NASI CAMPUR, the korean staffs there can understand as well ( brilliant! ) It is very heavy when i carried it to my table , so be careful while you are handling it! And it is hot, caution!

**Stone Pot Mixed Rice RM13.90


Next , I want to recommend this to soya lover or maybe tau foo fa ( tauhey ) lover as well^^

Freshly made soya! For me i will ask them to give me the sugarless one ( personal preference )

I love tauhey!! prefer the brown sugar one ( personal preference too^^ )
And oya , they have some potato balls too! nice ones! you guys should try it :)
Okay , so that's all for this post :D

Service : 4/5stars

Environment : 3/5stars

Food Quality : 4.5/5stars

Price : Value for money^^

Eat to Live*Live to Eat

by : -xy-

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dave's Pasta Pizza Vino @ One Utama

We always wanted to try some italian cuisine , so we try this bistro since the reviews on the internet is not too bad.

The service is absolutely great! I'm just wandering where to get the spoons and i am just throwing my view around , the staff react prompt and ask me what i need. They just can't do enough for us. After our meal we plan to chit chat a bit before we continue our shopping tour, and they had actually gave us sky juice per person and with the request whether we want hot or cold. They also gave us small plates so that we can share the dishes among ourselves. How clever the waiter is =)

What i saw is not too bad, waiters dress presentably and with an apron kind of thing if i'm not mistaken. Plates and cutleries are all clean and tidily placed.

Overall it is not too bad, with nice lamp, table , chairs and all that which matched the restaurant very well. The light is a bit dull but it actually doesn't bother us too much.

Food Quality
It's like "WOW" when we ate the stuffed mushroom kind of thing ( haha will revise it if i go there again, sorry for this so-not-professional-food-blogger.aha ). It is just delicious and generous. And ya , generous in terms of the ingredients they put in =) I just love that! Also, we are having half price for the pasta if i'm not mistaken. Afraid that it will be a BIG portion , we actually ordered only two plates of pasta, that is the seafood and the cabonara thingy (oops sorry i admit that i really had a BAD memory, getting older huh) And for small-eater, yes please DO NOT order 1 whole plate for yourself, because i don't think u can finish it. In order to taste more dishes, the little tip is, do share with your friends =)

A bit pricey for budget diner, but i think it's worth the price! Hip Hip Hooray! And don't forget there is a half price for the Pasta!

Overall I'm quite satisfied with this outlet, and the only complaint is : "If only I have bigger stomach!" And i will definitely returning there again, if you ask me. Last but not least, I want to recommend this to you guys ^^

-eat to live*live to eat-
-by xy
Below are some pictures of the surroundings and food :
Apple crumble as our dessert
Their crust was going perfectly with their crumbles
It would be much better if this comes in a smaller portion